What information is on the invoice, and how frequently is it drawn up?

Mobile Vikings for Business will provide a company with one invoice with all the active subscriptions bundled together. The invoice will contain an overview of your active subscriptions, including the cost per rate plan and the total price. Invoicing is once a month.


by default, the costs outside the subscription bundle are added to your employee's invoice. You can adjust this per employee by setting a monthly out-of-bundle allowance. This allowance can partially or fully cover costs outside the normal subscription bundle (calling, surfing, texting). As an employer, you adjust this compensation via My Business, where you manage the subscriptions of your employees.

The amount you set here (between € 0 and € 300) is then the maximum that you can be charged for out-of-bundle costs. If your employee uses less or nothing, this will of course not be charged. You will see this reflected on your monthly invoice as the total of all out-of-bundle costs of all employees together.