My VAT number is already linked to an existing Mobile Vikings account. How can I switch to Mobile Vikings for Business?

Do you only have one SIM card? Then you probably don't need to do anything. Check this article for more information.

Do you manage multiple SIM cards? In that case, you can create a Mobile Vikings for Business account via this link. Once your account is active, send an invitation to your own number to link your subscription to your Mobile Vikings for Business account. As soon as you have accepted this invitation, the cost of your subscription will be added to your total invoice from your Mobile Vikings for Business account.

If you incur out-of-bundle costs, for example for international calls or De Lijn tickets, these will be settled via your private Mobile Vikings account. Because your VAT number remains linked to this, you will also receive an invoice for these costs. That way you can use both invoices for your VAT return.